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JoAnn S. Dawson, Author

JoAnn is the award winning author of the Lucky Foot Stable Series,  a five book series  for ages 8-13 chronicling the  adventures of two  lively girls and their horses.   In 2017 she released her book Bed, Breakfast & Beyond: Twenty Years of Kooky Guests, Gentle Ghosts, and Horses in Between.  In this entertaining and enlightening  memoir (recent winner of a Reader's Choice Award for non-fiction humor) JoAnn writes of her lifelong dream of owning a bed & breakfast.  To fulfill that dream, in 1998 she and husband Ted purchased Fairwinds Farm , a 52 acre riding stable nestled in Maryland horse country.  Little did they know what they were getting into!   To those who have always dreamed of owning a B&B, this book will set you straight! 

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