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Jodi:   25-30 Strong, independent farm girl but also tentative when in unfamiliar surroundings.  Not coy, not flirty, straightforward, with a sense of humor and common sense.  Wants to save the family farm.

Mike:  25-30  Ambitious, professional, but also a bit lost in his chosen field of real estate.  Can be smart alecky, but always polite, eager to please,  and a genuinely nice guy.  Is torn between his newly found affection for farm work and the farmer’s daughter (Jodi) and his rising career in real estate.  A young Michael J. Fox type. 

Lynn Jared  (Mike’s sister) 22-24 High school english teacher, friend of Jodi,  a bit younger than Mike.  Good sense of humor, instrumental in introducing Mike to Jodi.

Matt Jared – 40’s – Mike’s older brother, going through a divorce, living with Mike, has two teenage kids, tries to give Mike advice.

Bob Stafford  - 55-70  Jodi’s father, gruff, no-nonsense, has always worked on the farm and is determined to keep it in the family.  Constantly gives Mike a hard time about not knowing anything about “real life.”  Can show a softer side and wants the best for Jodi. 

Frank Stafford – 25-27  Jodi’s brother, loves the farm, scoffs at Mike, teases Jodi

Willie Looper   19-24   Farm hand, joins Frank in scoffing at Mike and playing pranks on him.  Has a  rough side with anger issues.

Michael Jared Sr.   –early 60’s, -  Lawyer, sophisticated, somewhat snotty, wants Mike to leave the farm and concentrate on his real estate career.

Danny Jared – 18-20,  Mike’s nephew, Matt’s son,  a bit of a smart alec

Scott Jared – 16-18   Mikes’ nephew, Matt’s son, quiet and a bit shy

Skip Stevens – 30’s, Ag Extension Agent, full of himself, visits the farm and hits on Jodi

Jim Poole – 60’s  owns real estate co. where Mike works, slick, schemer

Dan Weymouth – 60’s  - Bank VP, in on the scheme to foreclose on the farm  

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